Review Post: Niagara Falls’ Skylon Tower

During our trip to Niagara Falls (Ontario) we had the opportunity to visit the great Skylon Tower. The Skylon Tower is the tallest viewpoint in Niagara Falls with its dining area at 775 feet above ground, containing two separate restaurants: the revolving dining room (where we ate) and the summit buffet that is more family-friendly. Above that is the observation deck that provides a beautiful 360-degree view of the Niagara region. At the base of the Skylon Tower, there’s an indoor arcade as well as the 3D/4D Falls movie: Legends of Niagara. In addition, there are a number of souvenir shops if you wish to shop around while you wait for your elevator to the top.


Having planned to visit the Skylon Tower before leaving for our trip, we made lunch reservations in advance. Reservations can be made over the phone, or booked online through the Skylon Tower website. If you plan to visit and dine in the revolving dining room, keep in mind that this restaurant is more gourmet style with a higher price-point. Although there are no signs stating that it is a more romantic dining experience, if you have young children, they’ll likely become bored after a few minutes and not appreciate the quality of the food. You can check out the menu for the Revolving Dining Room here. There is also an extensive wine list that you should definitely check out! Below is a preview of what they have to offer.


We booked a reservation for noon on a weekday, hoping to avoid the crowds. Fortunately, we booked early enough to have a seat right next to the window. Upon arrival, we approached the ticket booth and given our voucher. (Pro tip – if you book reservations with the intention of eating in the tower, you get free access to the elevator ride and observation deck!) Heading into the building and into the short line-up to the elevator, we were stopped for a photo op in front of a green screen. Hilarious results, none of which will be posted here – Sorry!

The elevator ride was a very quick trip to the top! Check out our video below! (Pro tip – for the best view, be sure to stand next to the front glass windows of the elevator, not the back!)

Once we got off the elevator, we were seated right away (heck yeah for reservations!) and provided with a food and wine menu. The restaurant itself was very lovely, had a full bar, and the view was to die for – not to mention our waitress, Dawn, was wonderful.



Because the wine list was so large, we were informed to ask if we needed suggestions. Fortunately for us, the main courses came with a suggested wine pairing, so we went with that. We ordered the Marinated Salmon with a Herdner Estate Riesling, and the Surf and Turf with the Creekside Syrah. Both were fantastic, and the portion sizes were HUGE!




If you decide to dine in the revolving dining room, it is quite a stunning experience. The city sights go on forever, and the restaurant will complete a full rotation over an hour, so plan to take your time to enjoy the full view.





After lunch, we decided to head up a couple of floor to the observation deck. It was free for us, so of course we couldn’t pass up the opportunity for another great view of the Niagara region! We also created a video for our observation deck experience if you’re interested!

Skylon Tower Niagara Falls from TheCalkinsEscapades on Vimeo.


The observation deck was definitely a fun experience. It was awesome to be outside and look down at the views below. If you visit the Skylon Tower observation deck in the winter, make sure that you dress warmly. The temperature on top of wind gusts will likely freeze you into an icicle. We were thankful that we dressed appropriately. One thing that we would suggest – make sure to bring your phone/camera. These views are incredible and you will definitely want to snap a photo (or 10) to remember it. With that being said, bring a selfie stick if you have one. We used to be so against them, but they actually take great photos. So many families were using them in the tower and we were bummed that we forgot to bring ours! Last tip – be a tourist and bring your binoculars. On a clear day, you can see incredibly far! Dan had his and we were the envy of everyone! (…okay, not everyone, but it was so cool to see as far as we did!).

The Skylon Tower was a really unique experience with spectacular views. If you haven’t yet, we definitely suggest that you check it out on your next trip to the Falls!

— The Calkins’

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