Review Post: St. Lucia’s Our Toy Boat Tours

Strolling down the beach at Sandals Regency La Toc in St. Lucia, we were approached by a man with a clipboard standing near an oversized sign. At first, we weren’t sure if he was a beach vendor trying to sell us trinkets, or if he was just being friendly and wanted to say hello.


This person introduced himself as Mitch and let us know a bit about the local tour company he works with called “Our Toy Boat Tours” and asked if we had any plans to do tours during our stay. After talking more with him, learning about what was included on the tour, its duration and prices, we told him that we’d think it over and get back to him. Mitch was very pleasant and made sure to tell us that there is “no pressure, no problem,” and if we decided that we’d like to join the tour, to come find him down on the beach to make a $50 (American) deposit. After discussing, reading trip advisor reviews, and checking out their Facebook page, we decided “Why not!” and met up with Mitch to reserve our spot for the Sunday tour.

Sunday morning came and we woke up early to be sure we’d get to the beach by 8:45am. Greeted by Mitch and our tour guide Callito (hopefully we remembered that correctly!), we waited for some other couples from our resort to arrive. When the water is calm, the tour guide often picks you up right from the beach. However, Sunday’s waves were quite rough at the shore, so we were picked up and shuttled down to the harbor where the boat was waiting for us.


Once everyone was seated, Callito gave us a brief run-down of where we were heading first, and during the ride to our first destination, he pointed out landmarks and told us a lot of history about the areas surrounding us. He was a great tour guide – very friendly and a great sense of humor.

Our first stop was Marigot Bay. We didn’t leave the boat, but our driver, Junior, did a slow lap so that we could take in the spectacular views and give Callito a chance to tell us about everything. He pointed out celebrity homes, and mansions owned by the locals.

After Marigot Bay, we headed toward the Piton Mountains. What a site to see! Junior stopped the boat for us for a photo op, and Callito offered to take photos of all of us with the Pitons in the background:




From here, we headed on to the snorkeling site at the famous Sugar Beach. If you’ve never snorkeled before, have no fear! The site is a walk-out location from the shore, and the snorkels are provided if you don’t have your own. The location itself is beautiful. You are situated right between the Piton mountains, and there are lots of tropical fish to see! Pro tip: watch out for rocks while snorkeling – although they’re covered in moss-like plants in the water, they’re still quite sharp and can scratch or scrape your skin if you’re not careful! You’re given about 30 – 45 minutes to snorkel, and there is also a shop that sells beachy clothes and trinkets if you so wish. We didn’t purchase anything, but there were quite a few lovely things to see!


Once back on the boat, we were offered some drinks (watch out for the rum punch and banana moonshine. It is delicious and STRONG!) as we headed out to Soufriere where our land excursion began. We hopped on a shuttle and headed up to the volcano. On our way there, we took a quick stop at a world heritage monument in front of the Pitons:



Back on the bus, we arrived at the volcano after a few more minutes of driving. The second we stepped off of the shuttle, you could smell the sulphur coming from the volcano. Not overpowering, but you knew it was there, as it smelled pretty foul… like rotten eggs. We were taken down to the black water hot springs. They were seriously hot! About 100 degrees Fahrenheit.



We were invited to go into the water, and then partake in a mud bath using the sulphur mud. Stinky, but SO awesome, and it made your skin extremely smooth after!

Pro tip: If you try out the mud bath, don’t wear your favourite swimsuit, or anything with white on it. It will get stained! In addition, if your wedding rings have diamonds, leave them back at your hotel in the safe. The volcanic mud can stain your diamonds. Alicia forgot and left hers on, and had to keep her ring hand away from the mud so as to avoid staining her diamonds!

We were advised to wipe off the majority of the mud back in the black water springs, but would go to a waterfall site to rinse off the rest of it.



After everyone got out of the water, we were given towels and loaded back onto the bus to go to the Toraille Waterfall Heritage Tourism Site. This waterfall was lovely. Very secluded, and not overcrowded.



The water was pretty cold, but refreshing. We managed to get most of the rest of the mud off of us here. Pro tip: if you’re finding that the mud isn’t washing off so easily, don’t fear! Once you get back to your room, it’ll come off with some soap and a facecloth!

Once we left the waterfall site, we headed back into the city for lunch. We were served a very authentic creole lunch and it was DELICIOUS! Rice, beans, chicken, fish, potatoes, plantains, salad. We were too hungry to remember to take a photo, but trust us, it was good.

After lunch, we were taken to a small shop to make any souvenir purchases if we wanted to, then headed back out on the boat to make our way back to our resort.

On the way back, we did make a few other in-boat stops. The first stop was to check out a narrow cave filled with fruit bats! The bats were communicating SO loudly that you could hear them from the water. There must have been thousands in the cave. Definitely cool!


Continuing on back to the resort, we stopped by the Lover’s Rock tunnel. They say that if you kiss your loved one as you go through the tunnel, your love will last forever! This rock formation was also featured in the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie.


As we were nearing our resort, our boat driver did some donuts in the waves which was too fun! We were cheering and waving to all of the guests on shore to let them know that this tour is one that they don’t want to miss!!


Overall, we thought that Our Toy Boat Tours was a great experience. The people were wonderful, and you got to see a lot of places and do a lot of activities that you would normally have to take multiple island tours to experience. This tour only cost us $110/person (US) in comparison to island tours offered by other companies which started at $125/person. Definitely worth your time and money, AND it includes lunch and drinks. You can’t go wrong!

–The Calkins’

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