Ain’t No Party Like A St. Lucian Street Party (…unless you’re staying at Sandals La Toc!)

If your trip to St. Lucia includes a Friday night, you’re in luck. Across the island, Friday nights are known for street parties, and boy, do St. Lucian’s know how to throw a good one! Every Friday night, St. Lucian locals gather from across the island to Gros-Islet, where the best of the best are seen and heard. From the best music to the best food, this is a great time for anyone who likes to party!

With that being said, there is always the fear of the unknown. For travelers and tourists alike, visitors want to know that they are going to have a good time, but all while ensuring their own safety and security. No one is saying that the street party is unsafe, but if you’re visiting St. Lucia and prefer to stay close to your hotel, Sandals is the route to go. Specifically, Sandals Regency La Toc in Castries. They host the best Friday night street party right on their own property, where guests can experience authentic performances, music, costumes and food, worry-free!

Having stayed in St. Lucia from a Thursday to Tuesday, employees of Sandals made it known that their street party was a fantastic time, and practically the same as the one in Gros-Islet. Hearing that the Sandals street party was hosted in the parking lot and always had a great turn-out, we knew we had to give it a chance!

When Friday night arrived, we went down to the lot, and sure enough, the place was packed! We were welcomed right away and encouraged to try everything of interest at the fresh outdoor buffet. Needless to say, we definitely tried a bit of everything – especially stuff that we couldn’t pronounce, or hadn’t heard of before:


There was live music booming from on the stage at the front of the lot, and full tables with eager guests eating, chatting, and having a wonderful time. Once we found a seat up front, the real entertainment began. The DJ of the party introduced performance after performance. There were stilt-walkers, dance groups in authentic costumes, fire-breathers, and even Alicia was pulled up to dance in front of the crowd with a couple of other resort guests.


Want to see even more? Because you better believe we have some videos ready for you on our Vimeo channel! Check them out below:

Street Party at Sandals Regency La Toc, St Lucia from TheCalkinsEscapades on Vimeo.

Fire Breathing Master from TheCalkinsEscapades on Vimeo.

If ever you have the chance, we would definitely recommend that you experience Sandals Regency La Toc’s very own street party, held every Friday night in the front lot. You definitely will not be disappointed!

–The Calkins’

*This Friday Night Street Party is exclusively for guests and employees of Sandals in St. Lucia.

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