5 Toronto Pearson International Airport Hacks for a Stress-free Flight Experience

Flying is always somewhat stressful, even for the most experienced of travelers. When we fly, the airport that we most commonly frequent is the Toronto Pearson International Airport in Mississauga (just outside of Toronto, Canada). We’ve compiled a list of 5 Toronto Pearson International Airport hacks for a stress-free flight experience, to ease some of the stress of your next trip or vacation.

  1. Arrive early:
    This goes without saying. Arriving early is a must. When you’re flying out of Canada, most airlines will require that you check-in (in person) 120 minutes before your flight leaves. If you are relying on public transportation or a shuttle service, it is always wise to take the earlier bus in case of inclement weather, traffic, etc.
  2. Check-in online before you leave for the airport:
    If the airline that you are flying with offers early check-in, be sure to take advantage! It will save you time at the airport, and also let you choose your seat! Note: you can choose your seat well in advance if you want to pay an extra fee, but we always choose ours for free when checking in the 24 hours beforehand. We’ve not had any issue with getting seats together, even on full flights.
  3. Enter at the correct terminal:
    When purchasing your plane ticket, information such as which terminal or gate your plane will be flying from will be available on your itinerary. If you are being dropped off by public transit or a shuttle service, be sure that you get off at the correct stop. Ask your driver if you are unsure of where your terminal or gate is – they’re likely be familiar with drop-off locations. Otherwise, it may feel like you are caught in a maze, trying to navigate your way through Toronto Pearson International Airport. That place is massive!
  4. Check out what the airport has to offer beforehand:
    We always like being prepared for any place we’re visiting. This includes airports. Check out the Toronto Pearson International Airport’s website in advance! You’ll be able to see what types of restaurants, bars, variety stores, shopping boutiques and lounges it has to offer. Whenever we fly, caffeine at the airport is a must! We made sure to find out where the closest Starbucks and Tim Hortons locations were in proximity to our gate beforehand. When we arrived and had checked in at the airport, we knew exactly where we needed to go without having to ask for (much) help. Familiarize yourself with what is located at your gate, and the hours of operation for places of interest – you’ll have some time to kill while you’re there, so you might as well make the best of it and explore your options.
  5. Keep your travel documents close & easily accessible:
    This is another important one, for obvious reasons! Be sure to have your ticket and passport secure but easily accessible at all times. You may need it more often than you think – such as at the self-check for your luggage, getting through to your gate, and of course, boarding the plane. Keeping all documents together in a designated pocket or pouch (and never left unattended) makes for a much smoother experience. There’s nothing worse than the “oh crap, where did I put my passport?!” moment of panic when you need those documents most.

— The Calkins’

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  1. Great tips! 🙂 especially going to the right terminal! The airport is so huge that this would be such a bad start. Going to the right parking lot is another one apparently because I got lost trying to find my car earlier this year haha


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