A Guide to Theatre-Going: Tips & Tricks for the Princess of Wales Theatre

As you may have seen through various social media feeds, last weekend, we had the opportunity to visit Toronto and attend a play at the Princess of Wales Theatre. Not having visited the Princess of Wales Theatre before, this was a very cool experience for us! For those of you who haven’t visited, but plan to, we wanted to share with you what we learned so that you can benefit! Here is our guide to theatre-going – tips & tricks for the Princess of Wales Theatre in Toronto, Ontario.

  1. Leave Early to Arrive Early: This tip is mostly important if you are coming from out of town (like we did). The performance that we attended was a matinee on a Sunday, so traffic wasn’t too bad. However, with that being said, the moment we got onto the Gardiner Expressway, traffic was slooooow. Knowing that we had to be inside the theatre at least 30 minutes before the performance started, we knew we wanted to be in Toronto with time to spare. Because we had left for Toronto early in the day, we were able to give ourselves plenty of time in the slow traffic. We avoided stressful situations like rushing to find the theatre, then rushing to find parking, and finally rushing inside. Rushing is stressful, and stress sucks. Leave early to arrive early, and you will likely have nothing to worry about.
  2. Bring Your Own Snacks: When we say snacks, we mean snacks. Don’t bring a friggin’ sandwich or a microwaveable meal. Bring something that you can fit discretely into a bag – like popcorn or something. Nothing sticky, nothing “loud” (overly crunchy). The Princess of Wales Theatre does have snacks and beverages that you can purchase, if you choose to do so. Mind you, if you bring your own snacks, it’s cheaper!
  3. Pre-order Your Beverages: Not going to lie – we love a good pint of beer or glass of wine. We had one of each while we attended the Princess of Wales Theatre last weekend. When we ordered our first beverage before the show, the bartender let us in on a little tip – you can pre-order your drinks for intermission before the show so that you’re not stuck waiting in line with everyone else. So that’s what we did! Pre-ordered and paid before the show began. Then, during intermission, we cut the line and went straight to the bar with our receipt and were handed our drinks while everyone else had to wait. It was great, and if you think you’ll be wanting to do the same when you attend a performance at the Princess of Wales Theatre, we highly suggest that you do!
  4. Wait for Washrooms: Unless you’re seated next to a door and will be the first in line for the washroom during intermission, hold off if you can! We were seated front row, centre of the dress circle, so we were an equal distance away from all exit doors. When it came time for intermission, there were already hoardes of people in line for the washroom by the time Alicia got there. Before intermission had ended, however, the lines were gone! If you can hold off on using the washroom for about 15 minutes after the intermission starts, there will likely be a very small line, or no line at all. Unless you plan to use the men’s washroom, of course. There was no line for that washroom the entire time.
  5. Order your tickets ahead of time: Yes, obviously pre-order your tickets. That’s not what we mean. We mean that when you order your tickets, have them mailed to you instead of picking them up at the theatre. That way, when you get to the Princess of Wales Theatre, you don’t have to wait in line in the lobby to pick them up – you’ll already have them and can go straight to your seating area!

We absolutely loved our experience at the Princess of Wales Theatre in Toronto. If you have the opportunity to attend a performance there, be sure to remember our tips to make your experience stressfree and extra enjoyable!

–The Calkins’

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