5 Things You Pack For a Getaway (But Don’t Actually Need)

We’ve all been there. You’re finally back home from a wonderful vacation, or even a long weekend getaway, and it is now time to unpack. You open your suitcase and start pulling out clothes, shoes and accessories only to realize that you didn’t even wear half of what you thought you were going to! Rookie mistake. Amateur, even. But not to worry. We’re starting to get good at this “going-on-trips” thing, and have made a list for you of what NOT to bring…especially in multiples.

  1. Formal wear:
    Depending on the length of your stay, you probably don’t need to bring more than 2 nights-worth of formal wear. Men especially. During our most recent stay at Sandals, Alicia alternated between two dresses for evenings, and Dan didn’t even end up wearing his full suit, but only the shirt and tie for one evening.
  2. Bathing Suit Cover-ups:
    Ladies, this one points more to you. Don’t bring 5 bathing suit cover ups for your 7-day vacation to the tropics. You’ll seriously only wear one. Maybe 2, if the first one is damp. Not worth taking up valuable suitcase space.
  3. Shoes:
    Okay, this one is a big one. Alicia loves her shoes, and has so many. She even went so far as to buy a new pair of wedges to take with her on vacation that she DIDN’T EVEN END UP WEARING. Don’t pack an abundance of shoes with you. You get one pair of sandals, and one “fancy” pair. Wear your sneakers on the plane. That’s it. Don’t bring any other ones – you won’t wear them.
  4. Multiple types of shirts:
    Okay, so we’re not gross people. We don’t encourage you to wear one shirt for the entire length of your trip (especially if you tend to sweat more than the average person). But when it comes down to shirts, you don’t need to bring 5 camisoles, 4 t-shirts, 2 long-sleeved shirts, a blouse/button down, 3 cardigans, a sweater and a hoodie. Be realistic. Check the weather before you leave and pack appropriately. It’s entirely possible that you’ll even wear the same shirt more than once on your vacation. We sure did! Pack according to your plans.
  5. Pants:
    Last but not least… pants, shorts, skirts, whatever. Anything that you wear on the lower half of your body can typically be kept to a minimum, just like we discussed with shirts. Depending on the length of your stay, you don’t need 5 pairs of jeans. You’ll likely re-wear a pair or two of whatever bottoms you bring, let’s be real.

Following these packing suggestions on your next trip will likely lead to a less-stressful unpacking experience. And who knows, maybe you’ll be able to fit all of your belongings into a carry-on, and you’ll be able to skip the checked luggage line at the airport altogether!

Happy travels (and packing)!

–The Calkins’

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