Hiking Mount Royal (Mont-Royal) in Montreal, Quebec

Over the labour day weekend, we had the opportunity to take some time and drive to our neighbouring province, Quebec. More specifically, we visited Montreal! Having not visited together before, we decided that this would be a nice little getaway for the two of us to do all of the fun touristy activities that we could fit into the long weekend! Once we got to Montreal, the first activity we tackled was the beautiful Mount Royal (or, Mont-Royal).

Not having done too much preliminary research about this spot, we didn’t know too much of what to expect, except that the views from the top were spectacular. Because the location of our hotel (Hilton Garden Inn Downtown) was very close to the base of Mount Royal, we decided to walk there, before realizing that the entire way would be full of uphill streets. We definitely didn’t dress accordingly – oops! But, we made it to the start of the trail at rue Peel within 20 minutes and started the incline to the top. IMG_20170910_194247_347IMG_20170910_194332_262

After what seemed to feel like a million stairs later, we arrived at the very top of Mount Royal and were prized with a breath-taking view of the city below.IMG_20170910_194430_044IMG_20170910_194519_145

From the top, there’s a beautiful paved area with (more) steps leading up to a chalet that overlooks the grounds and view of Montreal below. In the chalet, there are washrooms, drinking fountains, and a gift shop. As for food, there are tiny ice cream vendors out front, as well as vending machines inside, but nothing substantial.IMG_20170905_072823_375IMG_20170910_194601_594IMG_20170910_194639_023IMG_20170910_194712_706-1

The park itself is very gorgeous, filled with beautiful trees and gardens with a view that can’t be beat. Mont-Royal is definitely a must-do (…or climb) during your time in the city of Montreal!IMG_20170910_142606_671IMG_20170907_071113_805

Now, for the minor details:
Chalet Hours: 8:00am – 8:00pm
Accessible: Not entirely (there are a LOT of stairs)
Dress code: While of course there is no official dress code, we would recommend proper footwear (running shoes of some sort), and comfortable clothing.
Additional information: There are 2 different ways that you can get to the top of the mountain – you can walk/bike up the paved area that is approximately 6 or 7km in length, or you can hike up the gravel/brick paths and wooden staircases. The latter can be quite challenging, but depending on your endurance, may be a faster route. From rue Peel/ rue Sherbrooke to the very top of the mountain, it took us just under an hour. For others, it may take more or less depending on your physical abilities and level of endurance. Regardless of which way you chose to get there, though, the view from the summit is incredible.

Happy hiking!

–The Calkins’

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  1. […] Mont-Royal: This hike was absolutely gorgeous. A bit of a challenge, but with a rewarding view upon your arrival to the top. Sitting at a height of 233m, be sure that you hike up on a clear day to be able to see the farthest points. At the top of Mont-Royal there is a lovely built-up observation area, as well as a chalet. For more in-depth information, including hours of operation, follow this link to our Mont-Royal post. […]


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