5 of the Worst Movies to Watch Before a Flight

Can you believe that it is ALREADY mid-December? We have no idea where the time has gone. December has been a bit quiet for us, travel-wise, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have anything to share with you! While we spend this time planning our upcoming trips for 2018, we have a couple of great end-of-the-year lists coming your way. Be sure to stay tuned for those! In the mean-time, here’s one we had a lot of fun creating (especially because one of us absolutely hates to fly yet still loves the action on the big screen). Check out our list of WORST movies to watch before a flight. Be sure to avoid these before your next getaway:


Snakes on a Plane:

Okay. I think practically everyone has seen Snakes on a Plane, or at least has an idea of what it is about. It is super quotable and quite humorous even. And we all enjoy a great Samuel L. Jackson performance. But if you’re someone who automatically thinks of the worst case scenario about being in a plane, don’t watch it before a flight. Especially if you have a fear of snakes. And, I mean, the likelihood of this ever actually happening IRL is incredibly unlikely, but I would highly recommend not watching it until you’re already home from vacation so you don’t psych yourself out.



I’m sorry, but “the plane fell apart at 30,000 feet” is not something I care to hear. Nor is “nose-dive”, “lost control”, or “we have to roll the plane”. How does someone recover when that happens? Oh – right, they don’t. You die. Hello movie magic, and thanks for making this incredibly realistic to have me thinking “what would I do if I were on that plane when it crashed”? Come on, now. PASS.

United 93

I was hesitant about adding this one – but this sh*t actually happened! Is there a course we can take on how to save everyone’s life if your plane gets hi-jacked? Dang!

Final Destination

The exploding plane scene in this one is nuts. Like, there is absolutely zero chance of surviving that one.

Red Eye

While there isn’t any plane crash in this one, a large part of this film takes place in an airport and on a plane. Just when you think “Wow, what a coincidence!”, the movie turns super dark, and Rachel McAdams gets trapped in a creepy stalkerish don’t-scream-or-I-kill-your-family type conundrum. I don’t know about you but that makes me never want to travel alone again.

Cast Away

This classic survival movie is basically everyone that has a fear of flying worst nightmare. Get on a plane real quick for work, crash land in the ocean, and without any tech to help you get back home. But hey, at least Tom Hanks’ character found a flotation device and a volleyball? I think I’d rather avoid that situation altogether…


Do you have a “Worst movie to watch before flying” film to add to our list? Leave us a comment below to share!

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  1. Conair was a bad crash movie but the worst movie was a true story called Air Force flight 571. Survivors had to eat dead passengers to stay alive in the Artic. Hard to watch that one!!


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