Sandals Grenada Resort & Spa: Our Guide for Planning Your Best Stay

Oh hello friends,

We think that it’s about time that we FINALLY give you a run down of our stay at Sandals Grenada Resort and Spa (formerly Sandals LaSource Grenada). This place was truly a gem. The majority of the staff were incredibly lovely, the food was delicious, and the overall vibes were great. A very luxurious, relaxing stay, to say the least! Below, we will tell you all about the resort itself and which village to stay in, which pool to lounge at, and parties to attend based on whether you’re a party goer or just looking to relax during your vacation.


If you’re looking for a place to get up, eat (to cure last night’s hangover), and then get your party on again, you will probably want to consider staying in the South Seas Village. This location has some seriously awesome rooms, complete with butler service, is in close proximity to a handful of restaurants, and always has something going on close by! The only downside is that you’re not exactly next door to the beach, and you aren’t going to get those ocean views from your balcony. But! If that’s not something you care too much about, you ARE definitely close to the adorable Lover’s Lagoon and the largest pool at the resort, complete with a swim-up bar and plenty of lounge chairs for you to plant yourself at for the day!


We were hoping for a more quiet location for our room so we decided to book a suite in the Pink Gin Village right on the beachfront. It was very conveniently located, steps from the ocean, pool, and a few restaurants, not to mention a number of the boutiques and spa. We stayed in the Pink Gin Beachfront rooms and found it was perfect. We didn’t get a butler (on purpose – so not comfortable with having one) but we did have a balcony that had a nice view of the ocean. If you want to see a detailed room tour, check out our Youtube video below:







Looking for something quick to eat for lunch so you can re-claim your spot by the pool? Then you’ll want to check out Dino’s Pizzeria right next to it, or Doggies Hot Dog Cart in front of Soy Restaurant. Wanting something a bit more relaxed, with larger meals and servers bringing you drinks from the bar? Then you want to check out Neptune’s on the beach. We tried each place and the food was excellent no matter where you went. For a complete Food Guide for Sandals Grenada, check out our Sandals Foodie Guide post!


Mexicana: ground beef, tomato, jalapeno, sour cream, guacamole


Chili Dog [left]: Beef chili, cheddar cheese, onions, jalapenos, and BLT Dog [right]: Lettuce, tomatoes, ranch dressing, bacon, nutmeg


Neptune’s Restaurant

Now, what about dinner?

For an exciting interactive meal, be sure to book a reservation at Kimono’s!

Our Teppanyaki chef getting ready to toss food in the air for Dan to catch! Quite the show!!

But let’s be honest, everywhere you could possibly choose for dinner is absolutely delicious and enjoyable. You can’t possibly pick a “wrong” place to go.


It may be obvious, but if you’re staying in the South Seas Village and are looking for a South Seas party, look no further. You’ll have the closest proximity to the largest pool AND largest pool bar in your village! This place is super high energy, and the staff really know how to get everyone involved. There are lots of games, contests, water sports, and more, to keep you entertained all afternoon! Not to mention, some of the best bartenders are working at this pool bar. They sure know how to make a great drink!


On the other hand, if you’re looking to lounge (infinity) poolside with a quieter atmosphere, views of the mountains and beach, and a nearby beach bar, you’ll want to hang out at the Pink Gin Village pool. We actually spent all of our pool time over here. Much more quiet and relaxing, and still had quite a few beach loungers with umbrellas for resort guests. Did we mention it has a sunken living room right in the middle of it? Perfect for bartenders to bring you your poolside beverages!



The excitement doesn’t stop when the sun sets, don’t worry! The party goes on well into the evening with themed nights that have live music and entertainment that will keep you out late! We only attended a few of the parties, but we definitely had a blast. you will totally want to check out Reggae and Caribbean nights – dancing contests, local cuisines to sample in a giant outdoor buffet, and the touch of authentic Caribbean culture making it’s presence everywhere you look. These nights are definitely something you don’t want to miss! Be sure to check out our video below to get a taste of what’s to expect:

Now, don’t get me wrong. We love a good party and fun nightlife, but sometimes, you just want to relax and not be surrounded by all the shouting and ruckus that you would find at an all-inclusive in Cancun during spring break. So, for you folks looking for more of a relaxing vibe, Sandals Grenada definitely has something for you too! Why not hang out in the sunken living room in the middle of the Pink Gin pool? Or wander out to a loveseat on a softly lit peer in the ocean and stargaze? You could even stroll up to one of the lookout towers located across the resort and view the brightly lit villages on Sandals Grenada below. The possibilities are endless.



We hope that this post has helped you start to plan your Sandals Grenada vacation! We want to know – do you prefer a party atmosphere or go for a more calm and relaxing vibe when you go on vacations to all-inclusive resorts? Leave us a comment below and let us know where you stay!

Happy Traveling!

–The Calkins’

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