Foodies Unite at the London International Food Festival

Summer in London (Ontario) means that the summer festival season has begun!! While our favourite local summer festival is the annual Sun Fest, we also look forward to the others, including the London International Food Fest!!

This year was slightly different for us, as we had our newborn in tow, but we still had a great time. The London International Food Festival is an annual event at the end of June that hosts many different, unique food vendors to celebrate all different tastes and cuisines. From Mexican to Korean, Lebanese to Canadian, and everything in between, there is something delicious for everyone! As one of the more well-known festivals, the food fest has approximately 100,000 visitors in attendance over the 3 days it takes place!

During our visit this year, we decided to try food from Korean Food Club and Rico Taco.

Korean Food Club:

Unsure of what to order, but knowing we definitely wanted something, Dan ended up ordering a bulgogi dish with both beef and chicken on top of rice. The flavour was delicious!

Rico Taco:

Knowing that we definitely wanted tacos, we ended up ordering the fish tacos! They were to die for – super fresh and flavourful! Dan also ordered a burrito which was packed full of ingredients and very filling (in the best way!)

While we only had savoury dishes, there were plenty of other vendors selling delicious dessert and fancy beverages, including the craft beer tents. We had our little guy with us, so we didn’t do too much exploring in that area, but we recognized a bunch of great local craft breweries, and also some that were new to us!

For more information about the London International Food Festival, or to plan your visit, check out their website at

Have you ever been to the London International Food Festival, or any other food festivals on your travels? Let us know where in the comments below!


–The Calkins’

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